The Legends of Ḷainjin

This Legend comes to us from a time in the Pacific before the explorers, the whalers, and the missionaries. In these pre-contact times stories are passed orally from one generation around the evening cooking fires to another. One tale from the Marshall Islands is about a young seafarer Ḷainjin and his mother Taramalu who though a great navigator she is lost at sea, never to be heard of again. This tale goes against every tenant he has learned. How could she end up lost when she always knows where she is? How could her outrigger canoe sink when they are known to be indestructible in the open ocean? His search for her has been memorialized in by the multi-stanzas of a traditional navigational poem called the ikir of Ḷainjin. His search will take him 1,800 miles across the ocean and back to coastal Melanesia where the roots of his Marshall Islands language and culture reach. You will need patience. This tale begins at its end and ends as all stories do, with a fresh beginning. You have heard the sound of the ocean within the shell, now prepare to experience it.

Man Shark

Man Shark

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From a man who lived among the people of the Marshall Islands for twenty years and curated the Museum of the Marshall Islands for ten of them. Transport yourself into the Pacific world of blue lagoons, open ocean waters, coral atolls, and fringing reefs. Learn what it was like to live there before western contact. Sail an outrigger canoe, Fish, and fall in love the way an islander would. Man Shark is a work of historical literary fiction based on authentic Marshall Islands oral and natural history.  You’ve heard the sound of the sea from within the shell -- now experience it!

Tarmalu leaves her baby Ḷainjin in the care of others while she leads her fleet of proa from the shelter of the Wotho Atoll lagoon out into the open ocean to save their craft from the certain destruction of an oncoming typhoon. She is never heard from again. Her son grows up to undertake an epic search for her. This is the first in a series of books entitled The Legands of Ḷainjin. A book two prequel tells the story of his search for his mother. In this book his search completed Ḷainjin, the hardened seafarer meets Liṃanṃan prior to a storm that forever intertwines their lives. He grasps at this last chance for the happiness of a normal life.

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